The aim of the game

You must solve eight math and logic exercises. Like a secondary school test. Only if you make a mistake you won’t get a grade of two. If everything goes well, you’ll have exercised your mind and, who knows? Maybe you’ll stuck your foot in the door of a new career?

Where do I write my answers?

You’ll have to write down your answers for most exercises in the bottom left corner. In some cases the elements in the image of the task have to be moved. We're rooting for you!

How much time and how many attempts do I get?

You can make as many errors as you want – wrestle with each exercise until you get the right answer! However, you will not be able to skip the exercises or change their order.

You can play the game an unlimited number of times.

There’s no time limit in the game. Stop or continue whenever you feel like it, but you'll have to use the same device.